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Ladies Panties Online Shopping. We women often bother about our outfits, we want the best of clothes in order to look good. But little do we know that our innerwear is as important as our outerwear. The wrong or right panty can change the look and feel of your favourite garment.

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As hiking underwear should be quick-drying, it is possible to wash your panties by hand in the evening and let them dry overnight – great for a longer hiking trip .

It also features our signature slimming MASSIVE waistband to show off exactly what kind of man you are — a massive one that looks fabulous and knows it! Your package will fall naturally into the anatomically correct pouch to create a truly enjoyable unique wearing experience.

You sexy snow queen. You look like that! You are going to look absolutely amazing in our brand new Snow Queen Harness. The Modus Vivendi High Tech line draws together urban design and city men, creating a vision for modern fashion. Inspired by the connection between people and places, this line has a passion for city life, celebrating minimalism and clean cut lines, with an abstract feeling.

The contemporary urban culture is eminent in all garments of this line, resulting in stylish, attractive, functional clothing. Cookies ensure the smooth running of our services.

Using these, you accept the use of cookies. Personal Data Protection Policy. Easy return and refund Policy. New arrivals this month. Leave your front concealed and everything else revealed! A Men and Underwear approved pair of navy blue trunks with white stripes from the Nautical collection of UK based brand Bluebuck. Been wareing women's full figure silk under ware for over 50 yeares along with shear energy nylones they just feel so good You don't even know you have them on some of my women friendes love to see me Warein them They even buy me some and give me some of there's and tell me to ware them They love to watch me putting them on and then rub them and ask me how that feeles when they rubbing my lages on the nylones I reel them it feels reel good and they keep it up for a while they like to see if it get me hot and bothered and it does make me feel real sexey.

Large fits my 38" waist nicely. I love the jockey microw fiber silk they fit so good my women. Friendes like to see me earring them and have me dress up in all there dresses and nylones then have me undress slowly while they watch they tell me I look so good in there close that I should have been born a women couldn't even tell I was a man went to x rated driven one time and even used women's bath room they Dident even know I was a man I love the feel of the nylones and silk under ware I wish I was a women some times there close feel so good.

I consider myself to be a panty connoisseur of sorts. I've been wearing panties for many years now and I have an extensive collection of all styles, fabrics, designs, and colors. Here are my preferences, and also my ones to avoid:. My favorite style is hi-cut; I'm really surprised that neither your article nor your comments have much of anything on this style mentioned. Hi cut has the best of both the full-cut and the bikini styles, since it has the higher rise and therefore better coverage like the full-cut.

But the leg contour is less restrictive than full-cut panties and allows for more comfortable movement as well as a nicer sexier appearance. I have most of my collection in the hi-cut style. My second favorite is full-cut in either satin or nylon , followed by bikini cut.

I have almost no thong, g-string, tanga, or other similar styles with little coverage. My sexiest panties are vintage lingerie in either hi-cut or full-cut with lace from Vanity Fair, Bali, Wacoal, or Vassarette. But these styles are extremely hard to find and usually quite expensive. I have a few bikini styles, but find they just don't hold the package as well, so I only wear them occasionally.

Your article states that men prefer full-cut style. But in my opinion, full-cut panties are generally not as nice as hi-cut for a few reasons: The hi-cut leg contour is more comfortable and less restricting than full-cut, and the waist of full-cut is generally higher than hi-cut.

I'll wear a full-cut to bed at night, but that's usually the only time. I prefer stretch satin four-way stretch fabric, regardless of the style. Vanity Fair seems to offer the most of these types of panties, especially the vintage ones. VF generally uses very high quality stretch satin fabrics. My next favorite fabric is microfiber. It is very comfortable and breathes well. My day-to-day panties are generally microfiber; and when I go to the gym, I usually wear these. I like all four-way stretch fabrics.

When testing them in-store it is easy to tell which ones will stretch in both directions. These provide the best support and comfort. I avoid straight satin satin fabric without spandex woven in like the plague. It has absolutely no give and no support. It feels like paper against the skin and since there is no stretch, all the bits hang out on the bottom. I never wear cotton, unless I have to. But all of their panties fit great all day long and they offer excellent support and coverage.

Every Jockey panty I have tried on has excellent front coverage—and that is what counts most. They do tend to be a little more expensive than alternate name brand panties. The second most comfortable brand of panty is Vanity Fair, and this brand comprises most of my collection.

VF uses higher quality fabrics more consistently than any other brand I have found, and their fit is consistently good. They also tend to be the prettiest. Bali and Warner panties tie for third place, their fit is comparable to VF, but their fabric selection tends to be mostly microfiber; which is fine for everyday, but when I want to feel special I prefer satin.

My next favorite brand for comfort is Hanes, but their fabric quality has deteriorated terribly in their more recent offerings. I have numerous of their hi-cut styles in stretch satin from the late 90's and early 's. Those are some of my favorite all-time panties. Oh I wish Hanes would go back to producing panties with quality fabric! I also wanted to comment that I see a lot of Victoria's Secret panties being bid up on Ebay to higher than average prices.

I don't understand why people think they are so special. Yes, they do use very nice satin fabrics, but to me, for the fit and the look, VF is just as good for half the price. There are also tons of boutique panties on the market, but I find their quality generally doesn't live up to their cost.

The highest quality main-line brand panties on the market for the price are Wacoal. They have some of the prettiest styles and the best fabrics. But they are also some of the priciest you will find from a mainstream manufacturer.

I agree with the previous comment about Warner's full-cut and hi-cut No Muffin Top's. I am extremely fortunate to have a wife that has no problem with my wearing panties on a daily basis. And she loves it that I go shopping with her all the time. I pity the poor woman who views her panty-wearing husband as a pervert.

Just think, how many husbands would risk lowering their pants to a strange woman while wearing panties? I think panty wearers are the most faithful husbands around—and the most appreciative—especially in the bedroom! In general, my favorite go-to panties are Vanity Fair and then Warner's, in that order. Hi-cut are my favorite style, and then full-cut. I like satin stretch with at least ten percent spandex, and I like microfiber just as well.

I hope anyone reading this can gain some insight. One last thing; I am not in the least gay or homosexual. I am a total heterosexual. I prefer sex with my wife, the love of my life. But I also love panties. Definitely love nylon material for panties. I love cheeky, bikini, low rise briefs and hiphuggers. Cotton is OK sometimes but I always love to wear the nylon. I been watering full figure silk panties for yeares they just feel so good You don't even know you got a net on why don't they make memes so they fit and feel that good why should women be the Olney ones to have under ware feel good.

Just love the feel of full figure silk panties a net kind if they full figure you don't even know you got them on.

I been watering them for 40 teared and love to show women I know. They like to see me watering them and spank me while I am watering them they say that turned them on I ware them every day one kind or other.

I just love wearing them. So comfortable, as yes, I wear soft brief panties and some have lace. Love the feel of women's full figure silk under ware been wseeing them for 40 teared fit way better and feel way better then memes who ever made memes don't know what they was doing they need to make memes just like women's fulfigure silk. Just put different side on them more men would be watering them then people think because women's fit way better then memes and feel way better I wish I was born a women some times so I could ware all there clothes.

Waner's No Muffin Top full briefs are my every day wear. Even have some microfiber bikini from a few brands like VS and Hanes. Much prefer the Warner's. Very well endowed and holds everything in the right place.

Keeps my skin from chaffing under the strain of a tool belt rubbing 8 hours a day 6 and 7 days a week. Super light weight and by far more comfortable than any men's underwear on any market. I am married to a very wonderful woman and am super lucky that she has zero problems with me wearing them.

I enjoy the feel of the nylon full brief style panties. The feeling of the material is a turn on,especially on my scrotum and butt. I absolutely agree with you Hope. I am still on the search for my best panties. Ruched rears feel totally awesome ,but have not found any that keep me in well enough to wear for any length of time. Now I am testing styles with some leg length. Dream shorts are recommended, fit well, feel a little shy in the bottom of my cheeks, but in the front cannot contain. They fit well, but not my go to pantie.

Your right about the nylon. I wear the Bali j, the fit and feel and long wear just feels good. I also like the Dixie and Carol nylon full cut panties, the gusset holds things in place. Have been wearing panties on and off since 10 and am now I've been warding panties since I was 10years old. First my sister's then my girlfriends, then my wife's, until she caught me.

Thinking I was a pervet, she divorced me. After that I started buying them myself. I like jockey no panty line promise breif style. The material is soft an very confortable. All you said was right on! And full length briefs are great! I have been warring full figure silk women's under ware sinese I was a teen age I am 72 now just look the feel like you don't have nothing on ware them with nylons at same time love lagers sheer.

Make me feel good ware them all the time just about every day make me feel like I wish I was a women so I could ware all there close to go out.

Interestingly, I see several other male commenters who like Jockey as I do. My only complaint, and I've send this from numerous reviews, is the lack of 3-packs in the same color. I prefer black, but have to shop at JCPenney to get multiples of black. I'd rather purchase direct from Jockey because they are a good company. Been warring full figure silk women's under ware for over 40 years and nylons just love the feel of silk.

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